Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Katy Perry

I love this song...even though it sounds like "Cam malas nak nyanyi", as wat my bro said...And I'm surprise to see the cute guy in KYLE XY (Kyle himself) in this video...I did follow the series & amazed with his cute eyes...such a babyface... Katy Perry is one of the new queens in music industry & she did it very well. Her other top songs in her album "One of The Boys" include; "I kissed a girl", "Hot n Cold", "You're so gay" & etc..She has unique style of her own (the short dresses)..whatever it is..she is the star of her own...I'm not a "kipas-susah-mati" of Katy Perry..but i do think she is COOL....Do check out her official website for more info www.katyperry.com

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