Friday, October 30, 2009


Terasa stress bagaikan menopause.......tension...tension....Kelam kabut...ramai suka kalau hari Jumaat sebab esoknya Sabtu n start weekend...but not for me bila bos cakap "K..on Saturday, please assist the vendor to do their work and please do inspections & bla233444"..huh... =(

But...terubat dgn gmba neh yang di tag oleh seorang kawan di FB...the photo that made me smile to ears... =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Superman vs Wonder Woman

My Boss said: " Engineers are like Superman"

I said: "I'm not a Superman, I'm a Wonder Woman"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Office Mode

Stress all day...working under the sun...da la penat.....
menunggu orang wat keje...lepas tu buleh plak kene bleter ngn pkcik bwak lori.."Adik..mane buleh buat baja dari pokok2..bukan organik pun"....huh...I don't want to argue...couz it would be unfair to him to be scold by me bcoz if I did he wouldn't understand pun...sebab what they think is MONEY!.,,,,never mind...these few weeks I got the wave feeling....~~~~~~~
I'm not really sure why...but there were times where I was damn excited..& then...I was so down..
Last weekend I spent time with my best buddy Bobo & my cousin Anna. We went for a movie, PAPADOM....well...I'm not really into Malay movies..but this movie really touched my be honest.. I cried.... ='( ...I usually cried on romantic love story...but this time around...a father love.. most of my frens who have watched this movie, it made me really missed my old dad...last time before everything broke into dad was soooooo uncool.. in term of..."Going out with frens"...."Go for school trip"...."Visit frens house during festive season" aunts always said "Jeles dengan anak sendiri"...which mean, he loves me so much that he can't afford to let me out his side. There was one time I was chosen to participate in Taekwando tournament in Cameron Highland to represent my school. At first
, he said "NO!"...only when my PKHEM came to my house to talk to him, then he allowed. It was worth it! I wont Gold medal!!! ....erm to be honest... I won because the opponent pull out... =D haha..
Back to my dad...he didn't allow me to cut my hair or even pierce my ears....If I want to cut my hair, I need to ask permission..then he would say "Satu inchi ja"...aduih...maybe because I am his only girl...when I was away for study, we would talk on phone for almost half an hour.. I
was not so close with my mom back then...hmmm...and'd been 4 yers....and these 4 yers was like nothing I could ever imagine would happen to us....a lot of tears, hurt & pain....the good one is that I'm getting closer with my mom... =) that would be enough I matter what Ayah, I will always love you. Saya tak marah..cuma terkilan...I don't expect you to be like Saadom.
But enough to show that you care.....I really miss what you were 4 yers ago....

Okay....I better stop now before tears start to falling down..huhu..& I need to go off now. I have my Genset's noise & dust monitoring at 10.00pm....NAK BALIK!! xlarat duk office.. =p

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Perfect Fan... =)

Semalam masa browse video clip di YOUTUBE...terjumpa plak vid clip BSB yang baru...huhu...I was sooo excied to watch the clip..but the internet were toooo slow..I need to wait almost an hour for the vid to load....BSB- Backstreet Boys..been following them for more than a decade.....dari sekolah rendah kut...I bought all of their CS/Cassette..sangat taksub! huhu..die-hard cousin Lea have the same interest...WE'RE IN LOVE WITH THEM...bila pkbalik..banyak kenangan terindah bersama BSB neh...even though they were on the other part of the world..dekat di hati =)
At the age of 22...after being their fans for about 11 years or more..we managed to watch them live in Sunway Lagoon last year...we were sooo damn excited... just like a school girl...hehe.....we don't care what others thought about BSB...WE STILL LOVE THEM!!!

Enjoy their new vid clip from their new album 'This is Us"...

Straight Through My Heart

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dine out with family!

This evening Mama decided to have dinner outside. My lil bro craving for Pizza Hut. I love Pizza Hut..but not Pizza Hut in my hometown (PB). The service was SUCK!!!!. I have few bad experience every time I went there or order for delivery. But then, as my Maktok pun mau makan pizza. We decided to give Pizza Hut a chance. Maktok went upstairs to change her clothes, she keeps on mumbling "Maktok nak serlum baju buruk ja...bukan sapa nak tengok"..(serlum=pakai)...hehe.

As we reached Pizza Hut, there were almost full. And we took our seat, after about 10 minutes. No one..I one come to us even to clear up the dishes on the table! Even the flies have their sweet time. Huh!

I always don't have patient to wait for a BAD service. So, we went off to the new cafe in town. Well, not that new a few months maybe. - STRAWBERY CAFE - is the name of the cafe. The design look alike Secret Recipe with the white color theme & the grey uniform. Never mind, at least this is something new for this small town. =)

I tried their lemon juice & mee hon tomyam soup..erm...not that nice since I'm TOMYAM lover. So, it's not that easy to satisfy me! =p

Mama had ABC & Hawaiian Tuna.

Qawi had Fillet Fish & Blueberry Blended.

Maktok...well she had her favorite Teh Tarik & wedges...

We had a great time eating there... =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All the single ladies..

Hi All,
These few days, Yahoo published few interesting articles. Below is the article I got for you guys for today. Khas buat sesiapa yang baru, or da lame putus cinta...hope this will help...

Breakup Recovery 101: Five Rules You Must


by StyleCaster, on Tue Oct 6, 2009 1:11pm PDT

    Whether or not you were together for two weeks, six months, or four years, breakups hurt. And they can be really hard to get over. If you listen to the wise words of Charlotte on Sex and the City, it takes half the time you were together to get over him. Here are a few more wise words to help make your next breakup a little easier.

    Don't Talk to Him

    The most crucial rule in breaking up is to not talk to the person you're breaking up with. Even if you think you can handle it and still get over the person, you can't. Don't kid yourself; feelings will get hurt. Take some time off, get over him, and maybe someday in the future you'll be friends. Until then, lick your wounds and recover any way you'd like; whether that be partying hard, staying in bed for days with pints of ice cream, or spending absurd amounts of money on clothes you don't need. No one will say a thing; we all heal in our own, weird ways.

    Snap Out of It

    Remember how things, like stupid songs and movies and that little spot in the park that you two went to on your first date used to be "yours"? Well, they're not anymore. Don't make a connection to platonic objects when there isn't one. Remind yourself that you like that spot in the park because of the good view, not because of anyone connected to it. There's no point losing more than you have to from a breakup, so don't get all sappy on yourself.

    Reconnect with Your Friends

    No matter how much you say you're not going to be that girl who gives up her friends for her boyfriend; everyone gives up a little of their time to spend with their guy. Well, now is the time to make it up to them (and, you could use the girl talk). So, go out and have fun; grab your best wing woman, and remember how much fun being single really is.

    Take Some Time For Yourself

    Amidst all of this trying not to talk to him, hanging out with friends, partying more and/or eating lots and lots of ice cream-you need to remember to sit back and actually work through your feelings. Understand why things went south, and why you're better off this way. And in no time you'll be back to your old self, and what's-his-name will be a thing of the past.

    It's All About Rewards

    And finally, do all of the little things that make you happy every day. Yep, being single means thinking about you, you, you. So, go and take that extra time after work and buy yourself that little ring you've been obsessing over. Or take a long walk and meet a friend for cupcakes because well, you can. Have fun spoiling yourself, because you deserve it after....wait, what? I'm forgetting already.

    Cinta itu ikhlas, ia datang tanpa diundang, ia pergi tanpa dipaksa

    oops: Half of the time?! may need another 5 years then,,.. =/

    8 Foods That Fight Fat

    Got this interesting article from Yahoo...dedicated to anyone yang nak maintain or kuruskan badan....sila baca...

    By Lucy Danziger, SELF Editor-in-Chief - Posted on Thu, Oct 08, 2009.

    Want to lose weight as you chow down? Your wish is granted! (I promise, this is no fairy tale.) Your supermarket is filled with foods that studies show have lipid-melting powers to help melt fat and keep you slim. Stock up on these fat-fighting super bites, and you'll be trimmer even as you indulge. Read on to discover the eight foods that deserve a permanent spot in your fridge—and in your diet!

    Almonds These yummy nuts are high in alpha-linolenic acid, which can accelerate your metabolism of fats. In fact, dieters who ate 3 ounces of almonds daily slashed their weight and body-mass index by 18 percent, while those who skipped the nuts reduced both numbers less— just 11 percent—a study in the International Journal of Obesity revealed. Chomp almonds à la carte (limit yourself to 12 per serving to keep calories in check). I get a pack at Starbucks and nibble throughout my day. Or sprinkle them into a recipe such as Black Bean–Almond Pesto Chicken. Go nuts!

    Berries I tell my daughter, "These are nature's candy!" Turns out they're also your body's best friends. Strawberries, raspberries and other vitamin C–spiked fruit can supercharge your workout, helping you burn up to 30 percent more fat, research from Arizona State University at Mesa has found. If they're not in season, buy the little gems frozen in a bulk-sized bag so you'll always have them on hand to whip up a Berry Bliss Smoothie or Strawberry-Sunflower Pops, regardless of whether berries are in season.

    Cinnamon Adding 1/4 teaspoon to your plate may prevent an insulin spike—an uptick that tells your body to store fat. Sprinkle it on your morning cereal or coffee or on your yogurt in the A.M., or savor it in Apple-Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal.

    Mustard It's heaven on a soft pretzel, but mustard may also be a weight loss wonder. Turmeric, the spice that gives mustard its color, may slow the growth of fat tissues, a study in the journal Endocrinology finds. Use it on sandwiches instead of mayo, or sprinkle turmeric on cauliflower pre-roasting to give it a kick. Try it on tuna salad—I promise it adds zest.

    Oranges This citrus fruit, which contains fat-blasting compounds known as flavones, deserves to be your main squeeze. Women who ate the most flavones had a much lower increase in body fat over a 14-year period, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes. Eat oranges sliced or swig fresh OJ (including pulp!) to get the best benefit from the fruit.

    Soybeans Reason to toss a half cup on your salad? Soybeans are rich in choline, a compound that blocks the absorption of fat and breaks down fatty deposits. Oh, and they're addictively delish! But if breast cancer runs in your family, experts suggest you should talk to your doc before adding soy to your diet.

    Sweet potatoes The colorful spuds' high-fiber content means they keep your insulin steadier than their white sisters, which means less fat packed on your hips, research finds. Top a small baked tater with lowfat cottage cheese for a tempting side dish, or whip up Miso Soup With Sweet Potato Dumplings.

    Swiss cheese Calcium-rich foods reduce fat-producing enzymes and increase fat breakdown, and Swiss has more calcium than many of its cheesy peers. Choose the reduced-fat variety, such as Sargento. Slip it into your sandwich, put it on top of high-fiber crackers or use it for a healthier grilled cheese. Yum!

    ooops: love oranges & berries...

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    When You Believe

    One of my favorite song..naik semput aku nyanyi lagu neh kat karoke..huhu..

    Many nights we've prayed
    With no proof anyone could hear
    In our hearts a hopefull song
    We barely understood

    Now we are not afraid
    Although we know there's much to fear
    We were moving mountains long
    Before we knew we could

    There can be miracles, when you believe
    Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
    Who knows what miracles you can achieve
    When you believe, somehow you will
    You will when you believe

    In this time of fear
    When prayers so often prove(s) in vain
    Hope seems like the summer birds
    Too swiftly flown away

    Yet now I'm standing here
    My heart's so full I can't explain
    Seeking faith and speaking words
    I never thought I'd say

    There can be miracles, when you believe
    Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
    Who knows what miracles you can achieve
    When you believe, somehow you will
    You will when you believe

    They don't (always happen) when you ask
    And it's easy to give in to your fears
    But when you're blinded by your pain
    Can't see your way straight throught the rain
    (A small but )still resilient voice
    Says (hope is very near)

    There can be miracles
    When you believe
    (Lord, when you believe)
    Though hope is frail
    (Though hope is frail)
    It's hard to kill
    (Hard to kill, Ohhh)
    Who knows what miracles,you can achieve
    When you believe, somehow you will(somehow,somehow, somehow)
    somehow you will
    You will when you believe

    You will when you
    You will when you believe
    Just your heart
    Just believe
    You will when you believe~

    9/10/09: 11.19pm

    After walking & walking the whole day in office...sambung plak di Queensbay...mencari the perfect gift for Paik Imm...malang tak berbau....Lovely Lace takde di I ended up buying her a cute an additional..I would giver her some Ang Pau...a few red notes would do...sikit2 cukup...gaji next Friday....feel sooooo damn tired....sakit satu badan...hoping to get a good sleep without mystery caller calling in the middle of the night asking stupid question "Dah tido ke?"..isk2....please la...trick tak kena...

    Thursday, October 8, 2009

    9/10/09: 1.04pm

    Nih macam twitter jugakla update on what's going on...hehe..

    9/10/09: 1.04pm

    The audit is still going..will end later this evening...

    Sangat skema auditor Siam neh...suma nak cek...huhu..

    Makan pun nak cepat2..huhu..

    Tomorrow ada wedding Paik Imm, my couleague. I'm not sure what to buy her for her wedding. So I asked her, "Paik Imm, you nak ape?"
    Then she said "Just buy me picture frame,,"

    So, I'm thinking of buying her a nice frame from Lovely Lace. Hope, malam ni tak penat sangat untuk menerjah ke Queensbay..

    P/s: I'm still not planning to publish anything to confront because it was funny u see...but let see tonight..

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009


    Busy...Tire...Busy...Tired..Owh..please let this week pass by asap!

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Ten things about you..yes you...

    Sedang sibuk bertungkus lumus buat preparation untuk audit beberapa hari yang lepas...panggilan dari seorang yang aku gelar sebagai Kawan (BFF) membuat aku tersengih sendiri (xtunjuk gigi sebab ada kata xcntik kan). Sesuatu perkabaran yang tak disangka. Pada mulanya, aku rasa tak perlu aku terangkan tentang segala-galanya...kerna selama ini aku buat tak tahu aje...tapi aku rasa aku perlu terangkan sedikit supaya 'yang berkenaan' dan 'yang tersebut' tidak lagi membuat spekulasi yang boleh membuatkan hati mereka tidak tenang....

    Erm....yang pertama
    :Tiada satu pun entry di dalam blog ini ditujukan untuk 'yang berkenaan'. Jujur ni. Kecuali entry kali ni jela...khas buat 'yang berkenaan'....tak perlu nak huraikan untuk siapa...kerna biasala dalam kehidupan ini memang ramai lalat2...semut2..anai2 yang agak mengganggu kehidupan seharian kita...oleh yang demikian, harap maklum...

    Erm...yang kedua
    :Tak sangka 'yang berkenaan' sampai juga disini (tak sure la 'yang berkenaan' memang betul singgah ke sini dan telah bersangka bahawa ada sesuatu ditujukan untuk 'yang berkenaan'). Atau mungkin juga terdetik di hati yang berkenaan untuk menjernihkan keadaan. Tak apalah...jernih ke keruh ke...

    Erm...yang ketiga
    :Sesungguhnya, pada mulanya aku mahu menjaga hubungan persahabatan kerna aku dan 'yang tersebut' pernah menjadi kawan baik. Aku dan 'yang tersebut' pernah berbual panjang di ruang chatting dan sms mengenai 'yang berkenaan'. Sesungguhnya, aku seronok mendengar 'yang tersebut' bahagia. Aku terus memberi nasihat dan pandangan supaya 'yang tersebut' menjaga 'yang berkenaan' dengan baik, menerima 'yang berkenaan' seadanya dan jangan ulangi apa yang pernah diperlakukan 'yang tersebut' terhadap aku. (Tiada apa yang berlaku okay...maksud aku pabila yang 'yang tersebut' buat aku sedih). Dan aku juga menyarankan 'yang tersebut' untuk membuang segala memori2 seperti gambar yang masih disimpan supaya 'yang berkenaan' tidak tersalah anggap. Dan ada la lagi yang aku sendiri telah lupa, kerna rasanya tak penting kut dan aku takut cerita lain pula timbul. Yang lepas, biarkan ia berlalu. Tak ada sapa nak kenang pun.

    Erm...yang keempat
    :'Yang berkenaan' seperti menyangka aku masih mengharapkan 'yang tersebut'. Sudahla...sedikit pun tak terdetik di hati. Tak perlu gusar...

    Erm..yang kelima
    :Mungkin 'yang berkenaan' dan 'yang tersebut' tidak dapat memahami lawak kasar antara aku dan Kawan2 (BFF). Mungkin 'yang berkenaan' dan 'yang tersebut' terlalu sirius memikirkan hal yang kecik. Percayalah, ia hanya sekadar gurauan. Tak perlulah menikam2 lidah, aku bagi satu 'yang berkenaan' bagi 10. Kan da tunjuk diri sebenar. Semua dah besar kan, fikirlah secara matang. Dan tak perlulah huraikan dengan lebih lanjut, tiada siapa pun yang ambil hati.

    Erm..yang keenam
    :Yang terang lagi bersuluh (tak perlu hurai..sebab nanti panjang sangat edisi kali ini..kalau faham, baguslah..tak faham tak mengapa)

    Erm..yang ketujuh
    :Ada sesuatu yang aku dengar mengenai kawan aku yang menjadi mangsa sehingga sampai ke pengetahuan keluarga. Entah dari mulut siapa, entah dari mana. Dengan penuh harapan, sudah2la membawa cerita (Dia dah nak kawin kut). Aku tak tahu ia datang dari mana (Aku tak menuduh 'yang berkenaan'..cuma dengar khabarnya dari pihak 'yang berkenaan'. Harap-harap ia memang benar bukan dari 'yang berkenaan' sebab tak sedap bunyinya).

    Erm...yang kelapan
    :Mengenai kawan-kawan yang lain.Itu antara 'yang tersebut' dengan mereka. Aku tak pernah menghasut mereka. Dan aku tak tahu apa yang berlaku antara mereka dan 'yang tersebut'. Rasanya tiada siapa yang membuang siapa. Tak perlulah salah anggap. Kalau mahu teruskan persahabatan, muncullah menjabat tangan. Aku dan kawan2 (BFF) ada yang tak pernah bertegur sapa dahulu, tetapi menjadi begitu akrab sekarang. Kerna masing2 menonjol diri untuk meneruskan persahabatan. Jadi, fikirkanlah. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.

    Erm...yang kesembilan
    :Aku juga ingin memohon maaf (alang2 masih di bulan Syawal) terhadap pihak-pihak yang telah tersalah sangka, tersalah anggap, terasa, tersentak,tersedu, terfikir, ter..ter..ter..Sesungguhnya aku tak menganggu orang yang tak menganggu aku. Dan rasanya.. aku tak pernah menganggu 'yang berkenaan'...

    Erm..yang kesepuluh
    :"One's first step in wisdom is to question everything - and one's last is to come to terms with everything." - Georg C Lichtenberg
    "The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting; by doubting we come to the question, and by seeking we may come upon the truth." - Pierre Abelard
    Tak perlu bercerita mengenai perkara lepas atau keaiban orang lain, kerna tiada siapa yang sempurna dimuka bumi ini...

    Okaylah....cukuplah setakat itu...banyak lagi perkara yang aku perlu fikirkan (seperti keje yang xpenah habis...ribut dan taufan....kehidupan aku) selain dari prasangka prasangka. Tidak perlu berhujah lagi kerna aku sendiri tak tahu apa motifnya...

    NOTES: Okay..end of story...we might not be a good fren if we did start in a good way...but at least there would be no issues...At the first place, I did give in a friendship, but apparently you take it in a wrong doesn't matter at all...have a good life years ahead...

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Pagi Sabtu...

    Kepada kamu...

    Tak payah la nak show off....ada aku kesah?

    Kepada si dia...

    Nak apa lagi? Sudah-sudahla....tak payah nak ungkit '10 tahun'....kalau kau sendiri tak hargainya....

    Kepada aku...

    Setakat semut hitam atau anai-anai tu..pijak aje...