Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Almost 3 weeks here in Penang...

The workload is getting bigger & bigger...

"Baru tau apa itu kerja"as wat Isaid to my frens.

My manager went to KL for the whole week.

She left me with 3 pieces of A4 paper full with list "TO-DOs".

Today is Wednesday. Alhamdulillah I got most of them done & in progress.

There are few things that I have no idea how to get it start.Well, I've send them

emails, but they didn't reply..HIYAA!!!!If I told my manager, she'll probably ask

me to call them... =( I do have problems talking to people esp the BIG one.

I'm afraid they'll ask me for more details & I couldn't provide them. They may

underestimate me then.Kena p public speaking punya I do get A's

in my degree for that. Need to practice more n more n more to gain confidence!

Living alone with no close frens around was sooo boring. Thank God, my brother

lend me his broadband (Thanks dear, u make ur kakak happy!!!). At least I

can go online everynight to update with my frens (gossiping =p) & also berhibur.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm cold & heartless..

In the night I hear them talk,
The coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul,
To a woman so heartless

How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

How could you be so cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo
Just remember that you talking to me yo
You need to watch the way you talking to me yo
I mean after all the things that we been through
I mean after all the things we got into
And yo I know some things you things that you ain't told me
Ayo I did some things but that's the old me
And now you wanna pay me back
You gon' show me
So you walk round like you don't know me
You got them new friends
Well I got homeys
But at the end it's still so lonely

In the night I hear them talk,
The coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul,
To a woman so heartless

How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

How could you be so Dr. Evil
You're bringing out a side of me that I don't know,
I decided we wasn't gonna speak so
Why are up 3 a.m. on the phone,
Why does she be so mad at me for, homey
I don't know she hot and cold,
I won't stop and won't mess my groove up cause I already know how this thing goes,
You run and tell you're friends that you're leavin' me,
They say that they don't see what you see in me,
You wait a couple months then you gone' see,
You'll never find nobody better than me

In the night I hear them talk,
The coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road
He lost his soul,
To a woman so heartless

How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

Talkin', talkin', talkin', talk
Baby lets just knock it off
They don't know what we been through
They don't know 'bout me and you
So I got something new to see
And you just gon' keep hatin' me
And we just gon' be enemies
I know you can't believe
I could just leave it wrong
And you can't make it right
I'm gon' take off tonight

Into the night...In the night,
I hear 'em talk,
The coldest story ever told.
Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul.
To a woman so heartless...How could you be so heartless?
oh... how could you be so heartless.

Friday, June 5, 2009

P. Buntar-Shah Alam-Besut (The wedding trip)

Few months ago I was shocked by the news from my ex-coursemate, Siti Khadijah a.k.a Mek (I gave her that nickname =p), that she’s getting married on 31st May 2009. I was looking forward to this wedding since she was one of my good mates in Shah Alam. Her hometown is in Besut, Terengganu…so far meh….nevermind, 2 months before the big day my frens & I planned the wedding trip by tagging our course-mates (in Facebook) on Mek’s picture. Most of everyone responded, however only 7 of us joined the trip;

Topex, Nadiah, Uw, Epi, Akem, K sue & me.

I started my journey to Shah Alam on Friday evening, at 6pm & arrived near 11 at Nadiah’s house after sending my brother to his fren’s home. I didn’t get enough sleep that night since I was soooo tired driving (I’d never drive long distance before). Nadiah & me was sooo lazy to woke up that morning, at 4.00am. We snoozed ourselves till 4.15. We had promised to gather the rest of the team at 4.45 at K Sue’s house in Sek 7, we arrived there almost 5. Okayla…15 mins late only..haha…

We started our journey at 5.30am, our first stop was, Nadiah’s house (she left the camera at home..hiya!). Then after an hour drive we stopped at Genting Sempah (Genting di Sempah as what Akem called it) for our Subuh’s prayer & breakfast.

We continued our journey to Epi’s house in Kuantan to fetch him. Thanks to Epi’s moms who cook delicious food, ketupat sotong & mee condong. They taste yummy!

At 10.30am we continued our journey. It was the first day of school holidays, the roads packed with cars & lorries heading to Pantai Timur. We stopped for lunch at McD’s in Kerteh (cam kat tempat lain xde…hahaha). After that we just stopped for fuel refills until we reached Besut’s town almost 6pm (13 hours on the road!!!! Hiya..penat!).

At Besut’s town, we waited for Mek’s husband, Najib & he guided us to our chalet, Damai Beach Resort. We asked Najib for directions to Mek’s house;

Najib : 20 km dari sini. Umah kawe dekat’ sini, esok pegi denge kawe pun buleh

Uw (saying out loud to me & Nadiah): Die cakap esok bley pegi dengan kawan dia skali!

Nadiah & me was laughing so hard (if you know what he meant). After that, Najib decided to take us to Mek’s house. Only Epi, Uw & Akem followed him. Nadiah, Topex, K sue & me was sooo tired & we rested in our rooms.

At night, we went to Chef’s Restaurant nearby for dinner. We ordered ikan bakar & other side dishes. The food was okay I think, hence everything on the plate lesap because everyone was hungry. After that we went straight back to our chalet & have nice sleep.

At 7.30am,”Don’t say I’m sorry again, it didn’t give u the right….” my phone rang, I opened my eyes & saw Mek’s name on the screen

“Helo, Assalamualaikum” Mek’s voice woke me up.

“Hey Mek,” I sounded sleepy

“Koran tido lagi ke?”

“Tido la penat…13 jam tau”

“Pukul brape nak mari ni?”

“Pukul 9 lebih kut..mandi2 & siap trus pegi la. Ko tengah buat ape?”

“Aku baru nak iron baju”

“Ko tau x..smlam kitorang baru nak mintak pinjam iron ko. Tapi Nadiah cakap, mesti ko kate ko nak gune iron baju pagi nanti”

“Hahahahaha..”she laughed non-stop as always.

“Okayla..nanti kami sampai”

“Okay jmpa nanti” I hang-up.

It’s not even 8 yet. So, Nadiah, K Sue & me went to the beach to take fresh air. Dissapointedly….the beach is not that nice.The beach is not clean since it is not a tourist attraction area. Nevermind, the view (apart from the beach) was beautiful. The sea, the islands nearby, the sky, the fisherman’s boat & the birds in the sky.

After everyone woke up & packed everything, we went straight to Mek’s house. It was easy to find her house since there were posters of the bride & grooms in front of the house. As we arrived, we stood in front of the gate & view the posters.

“Touch up abes, lain gila muka,” Akem commented the poster on the right gate.

Everyone was looking at Akem

“Woi, tu kakak dia la…ada 2 kenduri, kakak dia punya petang. Ni dia gambar dia, everyone laughed at Akem..hahaha…

Mek’s sister (another bride of the day), welcomed us in. The girls went straight to Mek’s room. Her mak andam was putting make-up on her. While waiting for her to dressed up, the ‘tuan rumah’ invited us to makan first. We were served ‘Gulai Kawah’, fried chicken, really sweeeet ubi keledek & sirap (Epi called it as air oren =p). When everyone was full, we went into the house and take lots of pictures with the bride…

When our mission was accomplished (to attend Mek’s wedding), it was time for us to go back to Shah Alam. We couldn’t wait for her husband, since its already noon & we had looong way to go. On our way back we stopped at few places.

  1. Masjid Terapung for our Zohor’s prayer
  2. Kemaman to buy keropok lekor,sata, otak2 & snack for our picnic & some to bring back home.
  3. Cherating beach for picnic (hard times for the girls especially me because we didn’t change our clothes yet & yes I’m in my tight pink Kota Bharu Kebaya…just imagine….)
  4. Epi’s house to send him & refreshed ourselves.
  5. Genting di Sempah (Akem’s version) for Maghrib’s & Isya’s Prayer

We arrived Shah Alam about 11.00pm. After that, I went to fetch my brothers at Sek 7 & went straight home to Parit Buntar (arrived at 4.00 am & wake up at 5.40 to go to work! PENAT!)

Thanks to:

Mama for lending me money (gaji pending laaaa)

Mak Epi for the delicious ketupat sotong & mee condong

Mek & family for inviting us

The cars "En City & Cik Viva" for the ride...tanpa kamu kami xkemana laa..hehe...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Week in Motorola

On 1st June 2009, I’m starting my 3rd jobs; since I became a graduate from UiTM. First day was a tiring day, not because of the work loads obviously (my first day kut). It is because I just got back from my weekend trip >P. Buntar-Shah Alam-Besut<. The EHS department was having an audit by DOSH’s officer for 2 days, on 2nd & 3rd June, so my team-mate were tooooo busy to assist me. However, they made me to read all the documents related to my job scope….boring…hehe..feels like in my ‘school days’…. There were a few differences here in Motorola compare to my previous company;

  • This factory is smaller & quite pack with people.
  • We have radio played over the air which is good idea to reduce stress at work place. Music does heal your souls you know.
  • Everyone has to wear uniform..the batik does feel weird..but hey…it’s unique! =)
  • And many more.. No matter where we are & how the environment is we have to face all the differences with strong motivation..because there are a lot more to come!!! =I

Award from Kak Di...

1. Copy this award and put it in your blog

2. State 5 interesting facts about the one who gave u the award:

  • She was my coursemate way back in Shah Alam
  • She has one sweet mole on her chick…value cannot buy!
  • The one that can share the hugs…hehe
  • The owner of the handsome AWAN GULING…she loves him so much!
  • Owns the titles; Drama Queen & Diva Kontroversi!

3. Then, state 10 facts/hobbies of yours before picking the next award nominees

  • Single at heart =p
  • Allergic to cats but love them soooo much!
  • Can only cook western dish & her favourites locals only like TomYam n ayam masak merah =)….as said by Mr Dan Din Dun in his blog
  • Loves listening to music & watching movies
  • Loves taking her own pic…photo-whore (Syeela yang bg title tu!)
  • Never likes her haircut….suma tak kena!
  • Loves baking cupcakes & cookies
  • I don’t have beautiful teeth but yet it is adorable by some people =p
  • Loves shopping for shoessssss…..beli then tak pakai! Membazir!
  • I’m the oldest among my siblings but I’m more like the youngest since I’m the only girl & smallest among my brothers…hahaha

4. Choose 10 nominees for this award and describe them

  • Lea (My lovely cousins)
  • Affnie (Old frens from Lenggong)
  • Kak Di (The Drama Queen..the one who tagged me)
  • Dan Din Dun (Just start blogging)
  • Puan Is (The hottest lecturer in town)
  • Afeez (My bro)
  • Siti Nazira @ Yaya (Sweet frens from Londang)
  • Amy Ameera (Makeup artist…best of luck in reaching ur dreams!)
  • Yan (Tauke tudung…check out her blog for online shopping)
  • You...