Friday, April 24, 2009

A thank you note..

8.32am on April 24th way back in 1986...A baby girl was born.

Being the first child, brought a smile to the parents face & others.

She has gone through lots of ups & downs along the way...happiness...sadness...hopeless... the age of 23...she's still not the happiest person on Earth...

But yet she is thankful for what she is now...

Thankful to the life she was given...

Thankful for the endless love & attention she had recieved..

Thank you to:

1. My family; Mama, Ayah, Maktok, Afeez & Qawi:

Thank you for the endless love & support. We might not have a happy family, but I do appreciate all the effort we had done to make us still together as a family. I love you.

2. Wonderful cousins; Lea, Aisyah & Asma':

Growing up with you guys was a wonderful experience. You guys influenced me a lot. I love you so much.

3. Loving friends from hometown; Diana Kamaruddin, Korie, Idalyn, Ieyla, Mawar, Matkhan, Ihsan & Cheah:

Thanks for all those time we had. No matter where you are right now. I will always remember you. Loving you always.

4. Wonderful friends in Lenggong; Buyut, Intan, Dora, Wani, Dibah, Dayah Saidon, DKNY, Isz, Affnie, Eton & Fina:

Friends forever & always. Love you guys.

5. Gorgeous frens in Londang; Syeela, Renee, Effa, Maya, Nad, Syikin, Yan, Yam, Mimi, Amy, Kama & Khai:

Appreciate all those wonderful time we had. Love you.

6. Hilarious friends in Shah Alam; Nadiah, Taufiq, Mek, Aus, Epi, Dayah, K-run, Akeem, K di, K seri, K sue, K As, K Najma, Midgi & K Far:

3 Years being with you guys make the world a better place to live in. Love you & always...

7. Irwan:

A decade knowing you was like a gift from God. We'd been in our ups & downs. And I am thankfull that we still can be bestfrens till now. I love you still...

8. Dan Din Dun:

A goodfriend, a suck bf..hehe...Hope we will always be goodfrens till death do us part. =p

9. Zakril:

I screamed at your face years back then, sorry for that. No matter how life take us right now, I'm glad that we used to be goodfrens. Thank you for 2007.


Thank you for lighting up my life after a year in darkness. Eventhough we just knew each other for a year, but it feels like I've known you for life. Hope that we will always be together all years ahead. I love you forever & always. Mwah! xoxoxo

Thanks to each an everyone who I've met in my 23 years of life. You guys made me what I am right now.




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