Monday, September 14, 2009


Raya...Raya....Raya just around the corner...My preparation?! Nothing much...
I was soooooo damn busy this whole Ramadhan due to the upcoming OHSA18001 audit. Too many things to be done...however...I tried my very best to enjoy this Puasa & Raya season "sekadar mampu". Since I'll be off for 1 whole week next week...these 2 weeks before Raya was a hectic weeks for me...I have to work on weekends & need to stay back until midnight....and yet I don't think I'm able to finish my work before my long holiday... Hehe...By the way...I still enjoy this beautiful month with activities that routed me out from MOTOROLA!

On the 2nd week of Ramadhan, I went to Shah Alam & Subang to meet my cousins, brother & frens. My 4 days trip was awesome!!
1. Road trip with Yusrina
2. Sahur in uptown with DanDinDun, Mal & Lea
3. Shopping for RAYA!!!!
4. Bukak puasa at Khalid's house in Subang!
5. Karaoke with the Bashariah's Club + Mal
6. Watch Movie (UP) & bukak puasa with Goosip club - Intan & BOBO (I bought Intan a cute yellow bear keychain for her bday)

Something do bothered me during my 'vacation' in Shah Alam. But that's okay... "
Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." - Marie Curie

On the 3rd week, I managed to slip in my schedule on the weekends to do "BISKUT RAYA MARATHON" with mama...we managed to do 4 types of cookies...okayla....

I'm planning to make some cupcakes as I'd promised the twins & my other-half (Lea) this Friday night or Saturday morning...I hope I have enough time to make them...

This Ramadhan really taught me how to be patient, to be strong & control emotions (well I have my own limits) was an emotional month for me...."a recovery moment"...I do realize some hearts were broken (so do mine)....but then again...this is life..."Life is just a chance to grow a soul." - A. Powell Davies. Face it!


  1. uiii...aktifnye dia bulan2 puasa ni.
    tu dah buat kuih nanti, hantar le kat sini skit.
    nnt dtg beraya kat umah ye?

    slmt ari raya, maaf zahir batin

  2. Puan is...nak rsa jemput la mai umah...hehe...

    InsyaAllah..sempat saya smpai la ke klang tu...huhu