Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Indulgence

Huuuu....nampak lazat or horror?
Hahaha...teringin sangat nak buat Checkerboard Cake..but I don't know how. But then..after I bought this cookbook (refer pic on the left)..impian menjadi kenyataan..huhuhu....
The presentation not that nice, but (not to impress myself) taste good. Love the sticky chocolate topping.

By the way, the book is worth to buy...


  1. hey.jom buat club hot moms.baking cakes.this sunday i will attend my first class for baking cuppacakes.yeay.mari main2.

  2. its okay.the most important is the taste rite?;)

  3. yeah...thanks for the support..will improve! hehe

    miah: huhu...ko g blaja..nnti aja aku