Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Economic Crisis..

How big is the impact.... to Orange =p

I'm here not to talk about the economy..how the Dollars, MYR or Yen drops in the stock market worldwide.Because I have no idea on what it is all about...but since I'm 'makan gaji' right now, 'terasa juga penangannya'.I started my career in high petrol price period, I have to spend half of my salary to fill up my tank + the tolss...YIKES!!It was a bless when the petrol price drops..and then came the economic crisis + the war(yes, it is related)...At first, I thought nothing much to worry.But by working in a big worldwide company (own by the US, which is why the crisis & the war related), the crisis felt to the throat. No, they don't cut-off my pay. No, they don't kick me off..yet...but I do feel the impact now. Need to save more, and spend less (the hardest part)...I'm in a job hunting right now,to reserve place before my contract end this October. Less than 9 months to go. In this type of 'season', a dream job might be just a dream.....hope there will always be the 'sun' after the 'rain' =)

1 comment:

  1. there will always be the sun after the rain.
    aku juge, hope pas belajar dpt keje yg baik.
    tak stress cm skunk.