Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Week in Motorola

On 1st June 2009, I’m starting my 3rd jobs; since I became a graduate from UiTM. First day was a tiring day, not because of the work loads obviously (my first day kut). It is because I just got back from my weekend trip >P. Buntar-Shah Alam-Besut<. The EHS department was having an audit by DOSH’s officer for 2 days, on 2nd & 3rd June, so my team-mate were tooooo busy to assist me. However, they made me to read all the documents related to my job scope….boring…hehe..feels like in my ‘school days’…. There were a few differences here in Motorola compare to my previous company;

  • This factory is smaller & quite pack with people.
  • We have radio played over the air which is good idea to reduce stress at work place. Music does heal your souls you know.
  • Everyone has to wear uniform..the batik does feel weird..but hey…it’s unique! =)
  • And many more.. No matter where we are & how the environment is we have to face all the differences with strong motivation..because there are a lot more to come!!! =I

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