Thursday, June 4, 2009

Award from Kak Di...

1. Copy this award and put it in your blog

2. State 5 interesting facts about the one who gave u the award:

  • She was my coursemate way back in Shah Alam
  • She has one sweet mole on her chick…value cannot buy!
  • The one that can share the hugs…hehe
  • The owner of the handsome AWAN GULING…she loves him so much!
  • Owns the titles; Drama Queen & Diva Kontroversi!

3. Then, state 10 facts/hobbies of yours before picking the next award nominees

  • Single at heart =p
  • Allergic to cats but love them soooo much!
  • Can only cook western dish & her favourites locals only like TomYam n ayam masak merah =)….as said by Mr Dan Din Dun in his blog
  • Loves listening to music & watching movies
  • Loves taking her own pic…photo-whore (Syeela yang bg title tu!)
  • Never likes her haircut….suma tak kena!
  • Loves baking cupcakes & cookies
  • I don’t have beautiful teeth but yet it is adorable by some people =p
  • Loves shopping for shoessssss…..beli then tak pakai! Membazir!
  • I’m the oldest among my siblings but I’m more like the youngest since I’m the only girl & smallest among my brothers…hahaha

4. Choose 10 nominees for this award and describe them

  • Lea (My lovely cousins)
  • Affnie (Old frens from Lenggong)
  • Kak Di (The Drama Queen..the one who tagged me)
  • Dan Din Dun (Just start blogging)
  • Puan Is (The hottest lecturer in town)
  • Afeez (My bro)
  • Siti Nazira @ Yaya (Sweet frens from Londang)
  • Amy Ameera (Makeup artist…best of luck in reaching ur dreams!)
  • Yan (Tauke tudung…check out her blog for online shopping)
  • You...

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