Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Almost 3 weeks here in Penang...

The workload is getting bigger & bigger...

"Baru tau apa itu kerja"as wat Isaid to my frens.

My manager went to KL for the whole week.

She left me with 3 pieces of A4 paper full with list "TO-DOs".

Today is Wednesday. Alhamdulillah I got most of them done & in progress.

There are few things that I have no idea how to get it start.Well, I've send them

emails, but they didn't reply..HIYAA!!!!If I told my manager, she'll probably ask

me to call them... =( I do have problems talking to people esp the BIG one.

I'm afraid they'll ask me for more details & I couldn't provide them. They may

underestimate me then.Kena p public speaking punya I do get A's

in my degree for that. Need to practice more n more n more to gain confidence!

Living alone with no close frens around was sooo boring. Thank God, my brother

lend me his broadband (Thanks dear, u make ur kakak happy!!!). At least I

can go online everynight to update with my frens (gossiping =p) & also berhibur.