Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dine out with family!

This evening Mama decided to have dinner outside. My lil bro craving for Pizza Hut. I love Pizza Hut..but not Pizza Hut in my hometown (PB). The service was SUCK!!!!. I have few bad experience every time I went there or order for delivery. But then, as my Maktok pun mau makan pizza. We decided to give Pizza Hut a chance. Maktok went upstairs to change her clothes, she keeps on mumbling "Maktok nak serlum baju buruk ja...bukan sapa nak tengok"..(serlum=pakai)...hehe.

As we reached Pizza Hut, there were almost full. And we took our seat, after about 10 minutes. No one..I one come to us even to clear up the dishes on the table! Even the flies have their sweet time. Huh!

I always don't have patient to wait for a BAD service. So, we went off to the new cafe in town. Well, not that new a few months maybe. - STRAWBERY CAFE - is the name of the cafe. The design look alike Secret Recipe with the white color theme & the grey uniform. Never mind, at least this is something new for this small town. =)

I tried their lemon juice & mee hon tomyam soup..erm...not that nice since I'm TOMYAM lover. So, it's not that easy to satisfy me! =p

Mama had ABC & Hawaiian Tuna.

Qawi had Fillet Fish & Blueberry Blended.

Maktok...well she had her favorite Teh Tarik & wedges...

We had a great time eating there... =)


  1. Just as a reminder..the Strawberry cafe just open last month

  2. Thank u Mr Qawi...Please do your revision!
    PMR tak abes lagi!

  3. BSB? tomyam?
    how much more do we hv in common? hihi..

    oh ya.. love triangle?ngeh3..

    maktok hg mmg cute XD

  4. Haha...kita memang banyak in common..hehe...

    love triangle? haha...aku da tngalkan dunia itu for far..hehe

    ye..maktok aku mmg cute..mula2 xmau posing..aku nk snap je..trus dia snyum..hehe