Thursday, October 22, 2009

Office Mode

Stress all day...working under the sun...da la penat.....
menunggu orang wat keje...lepas tu buleh plak kene bleter ngn pkcik bwak lori.."Adik..mane buleh buat baja dari pokok2..bukan organik pun"....huh...I don't want to argue...couz it would be unfair to him to be scold by me bcoz if I did he wouldn't understand pun...sebab what they think is MONEY!.,,,,never mind...these few weeks I got the wave feeling....~~~~~~~
I'm not really sure why...but there were times where I was damn excited..& then...I was so down..
Last weekend I spent time with my best buddy Bobo & my cousin Anna. We went for a movie, PAPADOM....well...I'm not really into Malay movies..but this movie really touched my be honest.. I cried.... ='( ...I usually cried on romantic love story...but this time around...a father love.. most of my frens who have watched this movie, it made me really missed my old dad...last time before everything broke into dad was soooooo uncool.. in term of..."Going out with frens"...."Go for school trip"...."Visit frens house during festive season" aunts always said "Jeles dengan anak sendiri"...which mean, he loves me so much that he can't afford to let me out his side. There was one time I was chosen to participate in Taekwando tournament in Cameron Highland to represent my school. At first
, he said "NO!"...only when my PKHEM came to my house to talk to him, then he allowed. It was worth it! I wont Gold medal!!! ....erm to be honest... I won because the opponent pull out... =D haha..
Back to my dad...he didn't allow me to cut my hair or even pierce my ears....If I want to cut my hair, I need to ask permission..then he would say "Satu inchi ja"...aduih...maybe because I am his only girl...when I was away for study, we would talk on phone for almost half an hour.. I
was not so close with my mom back then...hmmm...and'd been 4 yers....and these 4 yers was like nothing I could ever imagine would happen to us....a lot of tears, hurt & pain....the good one is that I'm getting closer with my mom... =) that would be enough I matter what Ayah, I will always love you. Saya tak marah..cuma terkilan...I don't expect you to be like Saadom.
But enough to show that you care.....I really miss what you were 4 yers ago....

Okay....I better stop now before tears start to falling down..huhu..& I need to go off now. I have my Genset's noise & dust monitoring at 10.00pm....NAK BALIK!! xlarat duk office.. =p

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