Thursday, October 8, 2009

9/10/09: 1.04pm

Nih macam twitter jugakla update on what's going on...hehe..

9/10/09: 1.04pm

The audit is still going..will end later this evening...

Sangat skema auditor Siam neh...suma nak cek...huhu..

Makan pun nak cepat2..huhu..

Tomorrow ada wedding Paik Imm, my couleague. I'm not sure what to buy her for her wedding. So I asked her, "Paik Imm, you nak ape?"
Then she said "Just buy me picture frame,,"

So, I'm thinking of buying her a nice frame from Lovely Lace. Hope, malam ni tak penat sangat untuk menerjah ke Queensbay..

P/s: I'm still not planning to publish anything to confront because it was funny u see...but let see tonight..

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