Friday, January 2, 2009

7 Wonders of the World in my point of view...

It's not the Babylon or even Taj Mahal...

1. Love
A gift of between a man & a at first sight,first love,puppy love,love this, love that ..this include love to ur mother, father, siblings & the rest of the family (wic include ur pets)...& not to be forgotten love to GOD, Allah SWT

2. Rainbow

Yes rainbow...I don't care how science describe the light were refracted through the waterdrops & yada yada yada...I just love the colors & amaze how it is just there...hehe..I used to watch double rainbows in the sky on one fine evening w a fren...we were amazed by its beauty...(one for u & one for me)..

3. Music..with a lyrics
I adored must come w a good lyrics...I love variety kind of musics...this is because I fall in love with the lyrics first before I love the music...I'm fascinate on how a music with a lyrics were composed & a great song is produced..

4. Mobile phone
There's nothing to fascinate about the mobile just that how it become a needs in our daily become a trend & a must have.. people would desperate to have the latest phones in the my brother point of view on new mobile phones - Hafiz Elias

5. Transport
The invention of transportation..whatever the size, shape & the method or whatever they, lorries, vans, train, aeroplanes,ships, motorcycles, bicycles & etc...something that can move u to ur destination regardless of the distance.. just imagine our life without one of it? we would still be riding all the animals that we can get..hehehe..

6. Flowers
Roses, daisies, orchids, hibiscus, lilies & etc...the flowers can be used to express feelings...on valentines day, funeral, weddings, anniversary or it just showing some love...

7. Shoes

I don't know bout you guys..but i definately say shoes are one of the 7 wonders....just see how the designers express shoes in variety of design & colors...just see how people would become a shoe-craze...some people would just buy a pair of shoes for a collection...

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