Monday, January 5, 2009

Still 22 & loving it....

At this very moment I'm 22 years old & 9 months..I was graduated from Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia, Shah Alam in June 2008 (about 6 months ago). I was honoured with 2nd Class Upper in B.SC (Hons) Environmental Technology. Major in Environment was never my been in my mind, but with a bit lower grades in matriculation that was the best offer I got. Well, I'm quiet disappointed at first. But,as 3 years past by it was not so bad after all... Alhamdulillah I managed to get 3.35, which was good enough for me (setimpal dengan usaha yang tak seberapa tu..=p).

Within one month after I graduated,I was offered my first job as Environmental Engineer at a small company. The place was horrible since it was a new established e-waste recycle company with only less than 10 employees... What do I do?? Nothing, just sit & surfing the internet =). Fed up with the boring job, I tried applying for a new jobs. Upon many resumes I've send to the companies all over Malaysia. Only one replied...Intel Products (M) Sdn Bhd...I was interviewed for EHS Engineer position,however..since I had no related working experience & not a green card holder yet (SHO) I was offered a one year contract as EHS Assistant Officer. Even though it's not a stable position but as what the EHS manager told me, "A year contract with Intel will give you a GOOD resume"....well, they paid me enough though...

Within a few months, PHY 9512 Viva Ez Pearl Jed was born under my was nothing to proud of, but at least this one everything was on me..wait...a subsidized downpayment from Mama...hehe...But being able to spend money you earn by yourself, couldn't be more enjoying except that I need to become much wiser in spending...hehe...Well, for me it's a good start & more to come...right now I'm enjoying my life while gaining experiences for my coming jobs...wihuuu...

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  1. congrate.
    da mule idop br.
    tp one day t, ko akan rindu zmn jd student dl.
    like wat i feel rite now.
    masok uitm haritu rs nk mnjerit sbb rindu gile ngn environment di sn.
    uitm dihatiku.