Wednesday, January 7, 2009


"All life is beautiful. All humans are beautiful. Only behavior makes one ugly." - Jeffrey C. Keene II

Beautiful is so subjective that makes it hard to describe. When you describe someone or something as beautiful it may takes a lot of indicators to finally describe he/she/it as beautiful. Each of organisms on this earth has it's own beauty. Not onlyphysically, but also in the inside. Upon all the beauties created by GOD, what's make them ugly were their behavior. No matter how beautifull you are, if you have bad behavior you are ugly (hukhukhuk). In my point of view, one of the bad behavior (referring to who should be labeled as ugly) is 'gedixxx' (Nadiah punya ayat). I don't know about anyone else, but for me the behavior of 'gedixx' makes u 'menconteng arang dimuka sendiri'...poor you...

"Gedixx" (inmy point of view) is being labeled when that particular someone behave & thinks childishly (ade ke word ni..) & thinks she is perfect/more than anyone else...No matter how physicallybeautiful you are not beautiful..sorry, if it's a bit are ugly. However, each one of us is may colour your life as black, white, yellow or even pink...because that's makes the world more interesting..right =)

p/s: I choose green...go environmental =p

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