Friday, January 2, 2009

A new chapter...

My FS's blog was tagged by K Di early December..Since I'd been busy, I have no time to do the request...huhu...since da bosan with FS's blog...try blogspot la requested...

Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog: Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post. Leave your names as well as links on their blogs let them know that they're tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Orange Babey :
Why Orange? Not because I love the color, not because I'm a fan of Zahid AF or not because i love to eat the fruit. It's because a guy i used to admire..stressed again 'used to'..not anymore...but seems the name lekat smp skrg for no reason...=p
Why Babey? Is it a surname? No just a name created during my childhood (in d good old days) nieces & nephews call me Ayung Babey...

2. Cats :
I love cats but allergic to them... =( Tapi bila da geram sgt tgk kucing yg gemuk2 blaka tu, I would just grab them n hug them.huhu..after dat I would suffer w watery eyes & cold...hehe..padan muka!!!

3. Shoes :
Every girls love shoes...wait...boys do love shoes okay...they would die to have Onitsuka Tigers from Asics...Masa zaman muda2 dlu(mse sek ye...), bla boring dgr
cikgu ngajar, terutama subjek BM (maafkan saya ckgu Napi)..suke sgt design kasut..smpaila last class ckgu napi die pesan kat smua org " Kalau ye pun nak jadi
perke kasut ke ape ke, yg penting blajar dlu"..hehe I love comfort shoes...My lovely friend Nadiah always said "Adij nape ske sgt ksut cmni, cm org tua kut". I would say, "Rupa xpenting, yg penting selesa". I do love "pretty shoes, but I would wear them once or twice..and then keep it as private collection...=p

4. Daydreamer
In my good old days..I love day msa lapang je brangan...hehe.. =p.. skrg pun de la jgak kdg2 tu.hehe...

5. Stuffed animals
Sebesar2, sekecik2 suma ada dlm blik..termasuk dlm kereta..hehe...

6. Ex-boyfriends
Close doesn't mean we're in love...In-love doesn't mean we're together...we used to share a lot of memories...those memories build a friendship...I have good relationship with my ex's,as a fren...when u have problems with ur partner u might want to share them with ur besties wic is d opposite sex...ex's would b d best person u can turn wat they always do...but since suma da more shoulder available to cry okay...i quit....hahaha

7. Emotional
I would become emotional (towards d opposite sex, especially to the BF..sorry dear xoxo) when I need an attention or feel neglected..haha..

The 7...

1. Lea
2. K di (Miss Diva Controversy)
3. Arizanitis (pls spell backward)
4. Miss Affnie
5. Isz Kilau
6. Miss Zaty
7. Hafiz Elias

By the way..hope it's not too late to wish "HAPPY NEW YEAR" & Happy Birthday to my brother Hafiz who turn 20 today..luv u...


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